Navigating expansive, challenging or inaccessible terrain is safer and easier from the air.

Traditional land surveying requires a team on the ground, handling equipment to take precise measurements across large areas. Using drones for mapping and surveying is much quicker and costs considerably less, producing extremely accurate results. You don’t have to wait weeks for survey results, purchase expensive satellite imagery or rely on outdated public maps.

Navigating challenging terrain or inaccessible areas is safer and easier from the air. We gather real-time, reliable data to deliver actionable results for engineers, project managers, authorities or stakeholders to save money and drive informed decisions. Using orthomosaic, infrared, LiDAR and other sensors, we can quickly capture and process data into maps and models to measure distance & volume, predict patterns, identify defects or monitor change. 

Our ability to capture high-resolution imagery from different angles creates millions of data points to produce the 2D orthomosaic and 3D models, allowing you to see more detail than ever before. Our team of GIS experts process all the data in-house to provide powerful and easy-to-understand insights to help you manage the performance of your project.

Useful for:

  • Mapping expansive areas, challenging terrain, difficult-to-reach environments
  • Measuring volumes – stockpiles, dredging, landfills
  • Elevation modelling – identifying low points for flood risk or watershed analysis
  • Bathymetric surveying – to measure depth of water bodies and map underwater features
  • Environmental monitoring – to identify vulnerable areas by showing patterns of erosion, shifts and other changes
  • Topographic plans and terrain mapping – for utilities or construction planning, identifying boundaries
  • Exploration mapping – to discover location of minerals
  • Vegetation analysis – to detect invasive species or weaknesses
  • Progress reporting – to understand and measure performance of projects

Key Benefits

Sample Deliverables for Powerful Insights


Digital Surface Model (DSM)

Digital Terrain Model (DTM)

Digital Terrain Model

Magnetic Survey


Drainage Analysis

Contour Map


NDVI Analysis


NIR Imagery


Topographic Plan

Volumetric Models


Stockpile Calculation

Area Calculation

3D Mesh

3D Surface Model


Bathymetric Model

Use Cases

Mine Management

Leveraging drones can dramatically reduce expensive and time-consuming activities required to manage mine sites. 

Stockpile Volumetrics

Mining is all about quantities – how much to extract, how much to process, how much is being stored? 

Road Surveys

Aerial images taken by drones accelerate and simplify road management, planning and maintenance. 

Forestry Assessments

Aerial data provides a wealth of information on yield, growth rates, fire damage and harvest expectations.


Land Cover Mapping

Capture valuable data for classifying land cover and use for planning, monitoring and policy-making.

Traffic Planning

Traffic management on mine sites is essential in reducing risk to workers and visitors. 

Landfill Surveys

Keeping track of landfill capacity is essential to making informed decisions on maximising capacity of the site. 


Precision Agriculture

Multispectral sensors are used to assess crop health, identify disease, monitor drainage, and more. 

Weed Mapping

Control of weed growth is crucial to maintaining productivity gains and sustainable herbicide use. 

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