Scout Aerial specialises in remote sensing with an industry reputation for performance, quality and reliability.

In today’s world of managing projects with complex logistics, budget constraints and critical deadlines, approximations are no longer enough. Using the latest aerial and bathymetric imagery and data capture technologies, with accuracy down to the centimetre, we can provide powerful and easy to understand insights to drive better decision-making, improve safety and reduce costs. 

Our capabilities allow us to provide tailored solutions and turnkey deliverables to meet evolving project and asset management requirements across a wide range of industries including Mining and Resources, Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, Water, Rail, Road, Agriculture, Environmental, and Construction. 

Our dynamic organisation consists of Scout Aerial Australia, Scout Aerial Africa and our manufacturing arm, Scout Aerial Systems. These entities have seen the development of many remote sensing capabilities culminate in safe & distinguished global operations.

Committed to performing safe aerial operations with minimal environmental impact, Scout Aerial provides valuable insights with reduced costs, risks and delivery times.  We partner with our clients to better understand their context and requirements to produce results that can be trusted and build relationships that last.

Scout Aerial is certified, compliant and fully insured.


To partner with businesses to develop unique solutions to complex problems



To provide sustainable and cost-effective remote sensing solutions that deliver long-term commercial benefits through innovative technology, service excellence and ongoing partnerships

Our core values support our vision and shape the culture at Scout Aerial


Ensuring the highest safety standards are maintained in all operations.


Creating a culture where people are inspired to achieve anything.


Using new technologies to lower environmental impact and create a sustainable future.


Providing exceptional value and instigating positive change.


Ongoing development to drive efficiency.


Leading in everything we do.


With approximately 200 global projects annually ranging in size from relatively small to major works, we have built and developed the skills, technology and people to ensure there are no projects too large or small to deliver on.

From Government, Infrastructure, Oil and gas, Agriculture, Property Development, Industrial and Commercial applications, we have covered operations across a broad number of industries, allowing us to develop effective and efficient processes for each sector.

Our Clients

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of respectable clients: