ROVs are underwater drones that improve access to underwater sites, by removing people from harm and giving high quality visuals and footage to cost effectively assess the underwater environment. The key benefits of using ROVs are:

  • Improved safety. By removing people from harm, ROVs eliminate the many safety risks associated with human interaction.
  • Lower costs. Cheaper than using divers or draining the environment, ROVs allow point in time inspections that don’t need to stop production to be conducted.
  • Increased efficiency. ROVs can survey larger areas at a lower cost, faster. With deployment in 5 minutes, they are fast at getting to work and give access to previously inaccessible areas and enable a more rigorous and comprehensive way to assess and review underwater environments.
  • Better outcomes. ROV capture high quality visuals which are easier to review, giving better data to make more informed decisions.

Using ROVs

Scout ROV process for assessing underwater environments creates minimal disruptions, making it an easy, simple and effective process for customers.

Why Scout ROV?

The Scout ROV product line gives you access to multiple tools and technologies and qualified and experienced people, to ensure the right solution for your underwater requirements. As the market leader in air and underwater inspection we partner with clients to better understand their context and requirements and produce results that can be trusted and relationships that last.

  • Water reservoirs inspection;
  • Tanks and towers inspection;
  • Dams and lakes inspection;
  • Water canals and shorelines inspection;
  • Underwater assets inspection;
  • Tailings inspection;
  • Storm water drain inspection;
  • Physical water sampling;
  • Environmental research support.