Aerial mapping solutions allow us to map large areas without disrupting operations on the ground. DSM (Digital Surface Modelling) and DEM (Digital Elevation Modelling) are valuable tools for internal progress reporting, boundary and topographic surveying and volume calculations.


CLIENT: A leading Australian Mining company

LOCATION: Australia-wide

SERVICES: Volumetric Survey

PROJECT SUMMARY: Scout conducts many initial pit surveys for a number of leading mining companies in Australia. This occasion shows the mapping of a full mine site, and subsequent volumetric surveys conducted on various stockpiles. These surveys are extremely effective for environmental compliance reporting and a large number of other processes in the mining cycle. This operation demonstrates:

  • The initial survey (Complete mine site)
  • Cut and fill volumes for the pit(s)
  • Water drainage and quality monitoring
  • Gradient planning and contours
  • Environmental compliance mapping (flora and Fauna)

3D Topographic Model  [Click, Drag & Scroll to navigate]

3D RGB Model  [Click, Drag & Scroll to navigate]

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