We facilitate your application for a Remote Operator Certificate (ReOC).


ARN & Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)


Training, Documentation, Interview & Assessment.


14-21 days
(on average)




$ 2000 ex GST
(or $1850 when bundled with RePL course)

ReOC (Remote Operator Certificate)

A ReOC allows you or your business to trade as a drone service provider, permitting the business to conduct a range of operations (subject to approvals) that are not available to other operators. Refer to our article “When do I need permission or a licence to fly a drone” for more information.

This service includes preparation and supply of all required documentation before facilitating an interview with our CASA delegate to assess, process and approve your application.

This way, no interaction with CASA is required – ensuring the application is handled quickly and efficiently within 2-3 weeks (applying through CASA directly can take 4-6 months with current processing times). 

1. We will prepare and check all required application forms and manuals in consultation with you. 

2. We will guide you through a Job Scenario (provided) which is designed to be educational and interactive to ensure you fully understand your responsibilities. 

3. An interview will be arranged and the assessor will critique the job scenario and ask questions relating to your Ops Manual, CASR 101, Chief Remote Pilot Responsibilities and RPAS procedures. 

4. If you have any knowledge deficiencies, the assessor will issue a Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDR). You will be given an opportunity to submit corrected answers prior to being assessed. The process will be repeated until you are deemed to be competent. 

5. You will be issued your ReOC certificate electronically and via mail. 

The service costs $2,000* ex GST – we accept online payments or bank transfers. The price includes all documentation, facilitation with the CASA delegate and administration. 

*When bundled with an RePL course, the price is $1,850 ex GST. 

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