In a world of increasing population pressure, being able to increase crop yields, while saving on water, fertilisers and pesticides, is a game changing advantage to every farmer. Scout Aerial employs state-of-the-art tools and techniques that help you to overcome this challenge by taking informed, data-driven decisions:

  • Map crop health through vegetation indexes. We help on selecting the most appropriate index for your crop (NDVI, ENDVI, SAVI, MSAVI or others), collecting imagery using specialised multispectral sensors and output actionable health maps that will spot what zones in your crops require attention;
  • Monitor plant heights in the whole crop and know where plant development is not adequate;
  • Detect plantation lines and use them to improve crop processes. They will highlight plantation gaps early in the cycle and allow you to amend. They can be even used on autonomous machinery for precision while moving and spraying chemicals, minimizing crop damage and resource consumption;
  • Spot weeds and other plagues as they start to grow and be able to act before they run out of control;
  • Know in advance where the water drainages are and act fast to avoid losses caused by rain in excess;
  • Keep track of the full life cycle of your crops across weeks, months and years. Use historic data of past seasons to plan better use of resources and estimate future yields.
  • Crop health mapping
  • Monitor plant development
  • Detect plantation lines
  • Spot weeds and other plagues
  • Water drainage mapping
  • Yield estimations