Mining and construction are usually associated with expensive and time-consuming activities due to the constant monitoring requirements and huge land areas involved in these businesses. By leveraging its long range, extended flight-time RPAS fleet, sensors, geographic information systems and object detection software, Scout Aerial delivers a range of services that can dramatically reduce operational complexity in these environments:

  • Learn the terrain before moving your staff and equipment. Using purpose-built RPAS, high precision GNSS receivers and modern photogrammetry software, Scout Aerial delivers topographic analysis with centimetre accuracy. Get access to DSMs, DTMs, contours and terrain profiles of your site in a fraction of the usual surveying time;
  • Receive frequent stockpile volumetric reports and plan ahead so as to optimise resource and staff allocation;
  • Use Scout Aerial’s airborne sensors to monitor gas emissions without putting your staff in danger;
  • Have assets and on-site features identified and classified;
  • Take advantage of our ability to deliver up-to-date drafting of your site and use them as a guide to plan infrastructure improvements, resource moving routes and maintenance routines;
  • Become aware of watersheds, draining paths and simulate flooding patterns around and within your site;
  • Follow-up progress through survey quality orthorectified mosaics.
  • Mine monitoring and remediation
  • Service mine reclamation monitoring
  • Mine Drainage and water quality monitoring
  • Gas emission monitoring
  • Stockpile assessments
  • Cut and fill volumes
  • Mining Exploration (Drilling etc)
  • Environmental compliance mapping
  • Flora and Fauna counts
  • Site management data collection
  • Progress reporting