Our aim is to equip all RPA users with the knowledge and skills required for safe, competent and efficient unmanned aircraft operations in a variety of applications; and to provide further mentoring to ensure you (and your equipment) reach full potential.

We are passionate about helping you learn, so our courses have been developed to cater for all levels of experience. We offer in-person training at our facilities in Eagle Farm (Brisbane) as well as customised on-site programs to meet individual requirements.

Licensing regulations for drones in Australia:

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) in Australia issues licences to operate drones commercially.

  • As a business, you are required to hold a Remote Operator’s Certificate (ReOC) to operate drones commercially.
  • As an individual, you are required to hold a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) to operate drones commercially for a company holding a ReOC.

Our curriculum is approved by CASA and is designed to comprehensively prepare you for successful licensing and endorsements.

Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

Kickstart your career as a professional drone pilot.

Pilot Transition Program

A tailored syllabus with recognition of prior qualifications.

RPA Type Training: Multirotor <25kg

Upgrade your RePL with practical type training for multirotor platforms.

RPA Type Training: Fixed Wing

Upgrade your RePL with practical type training for fixed wing platforms.

Industry Application Workshops

Let us comprehensively prepare you for industry and real-world applications.

Custom Training Solutions

We are committed to working with you to develop the best training solution to assist in meeting your individual requirements and circumstances.

Scout Aerial’s premises and facilities incorporate a number of ideal training environments for both the theoretical and practical components of our training programs.

Conveniently located in Eagle Farm, Brisbane, our facilities enable our training delivery to be comprehensive and seamless, whilst ensuring an enjoyable and comfortable learning experience. We believe providing excellent training facilities fosters the best training outcomes.

Our training facilities include:
- Air conditioned training room incorporating flexible work spaces and interactive multimedia tools
- Engineering and manufacturing workshop
- Dedicated company flying sites for practical instruction and exercises, located within 1 hour of Brisbane CBD.