Land cover extraction and monitoring is extremely important for examining human and ecosystem health, climate change, water management, conservation of biodiversity, forests and other natural resources, as well as renewable energy assessment. Doing this at regular intervals will allow Carbon Green to plan land use effectively and mitigate the effects of land degradation.


CLIENT: Carbon Green

LOCATION: Zimbabwe

SERVICES: Managed Remote Sensing

PROJECT SUMMARY: Scout Aerial Africa is able to extract high resolution multispectral imagery over vast tracts of land in order to assess land cover change on regular intervals. Land cover is extracted automatically using various algorithms and vegetation indices such as the NDVI. This will be critical for monitoring vegetation degradation for Carbon Green.  The extracted land cover will be at a resolution of 10cm which is higher than any commercial satellite. We can also assess vegetation health as well as canopy heights at each interval. Vegetation heath assessment is important to identify potential diseases or pests that may be affecting the foliage. Recording tree canopy heights will allow Carbon Green to monitor rates of tree growth for future planning.

A Digital Terrain Model (DTM) can be extracted on an annual basis over each area of interest due to the fact that erosion is generally seasonal in Zimbabwe. Digital Surface Models (DSM) can then be extracted during the imaging and land cover extraction intervals. There are two main methods used for extracting the DSM for assessing canopy heights. These are by the use of LIDAR scans or by using Stereo image pairs. LIDAR data is much more accurate but very expensive.

Scout Aerial Africa can create a managed GIS service whereby each area of interest (AOI) is monitored after every quarter (4month intervals) and the following data will be delivered to Carbon Green:

  1.  High resolution multispectral imagery
  2.  High resolution land cover data
  3.  Tree canopy height data
  4.  Vegetation health data
  5.  Locations where deforestation has taken place
  6.  Percentage Deforestation/Reforestation/Afforestation in each AOI from the previous interval
  7.  Annual DTM

Scout Aerial will also maintain a database of all the data that has been captured for future reference. We can extract road networks, rivers and other water bodies just to name a few other classes.

RGB Imagery showing Harare City Centre
Multispectral image showing Harare City Centre
Landcover - Harare City Centre
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