CASE STUDY: Gas Sensors

Scout Aerial was engaged to build a suite of gas sensors for assessing gas concentration shortly after a blast. Our design houses multiple gas sensors (N, NO2, C, CO2, H2S) and feeds back a live stream of video, still imagery and gas concentrates when flying through fume. This has been impossible to collect in the past. Our custom RPA and sensor design is making it easier to collect Blast data, and in turn, make it safer and better for the environment


CLIENT: A large international Mining company and explosives manufacturer

LOCATION: Queensland, Australia

SERVICES: Aerial Survey, Gas Collection, Exclusion Zone Monitoring (IR) and Tie-in Analysis


Multispectral analysis is also conducted over the blast pad to automatically identify blast chord, tie-in points and connected clips. This model is then compared to the design drawings prior to blasting, to ensure that the actual tie-in meets the design expectations. This is important to ensure that the tie-in is not compromised in any way prior to detonation.

Graph showing fume data
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