Scout Aerial has been developing an algorithm (based on Multispectral mapping) that helps detect grave sites and mass graves. The vegetation surrounding a mass grave will tell us a lot – when a body breaks down, the liver toxins poisons the vegetation, stunting it’s growth. We are working with leading universities and the federal police to improve our detection capabilities. We would then map areas with difficult access and try to identify anomalies that could point us to unknown graves.


CLIENT: Australian Federal Police

LOCATION: New South Wales, Australia

SERVICES: Aerial Survey & Computer Learning to detect graves, mass graves, anomalies in the ground pointing to clandestine graves

PROJECT SUMMARY:  Multispectral analysis is conducted at a classified “body farm” where we will continue to map and model for 3 years so that we can start to identify trend changes and build a solid “learning” framework for our algorithm development. This work can be rolled out globally for many regions that need to identify clandestine graves.

Multispectral imagery to identify clandestine graves
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