Our environmental compliance assessments focus on projects across all sectors including mining and energy, government, transport, ports and marine, urban development, tourism and recreation. We specialise in helping businesses meet compliance requirements under national environmental laws.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) has become a critical tool to identify project risks that can lead to costly project delays.

We provide a comprehensive, concept-to-completion approach that involves all stakeholders from the start, relies upon sound science at every stage and works to achieve sustainable development throughout a project’s lifecycle. We have found that this holistic approach builds positive stakeholder relationships, identifies and solves problems early on, effectively manages risks, avoids costly scheduling delays and, ultimately, identifies those social license items that require change in order to operate.

Scout Aerial collects and analyses data for reporting and monitoring the following disciplines:

  • Physical disciplines such as hydrology, water quality, noise and air quality
  • Biological disciplines including terrestrial and aquatic ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Social disciplines including health, cultural sciences/archaeology and socio-economics
  • Stakeholder engagement and social management strategies, policies and practices


 Our global operations team together to best serve the needs of your project, the surrounding community and the environment. With teams servicing Australia, Asia Pacific and Africa, we have a wide global footprint and company sharing network.

Our services begin at the source of the problem with on-site surveying, sampling and consultation. Combining specialist data analysis with expert interpretation and practical advice allows us to treat and monitor the issues, providing a unique 3-step process from conception to completion.

  • On-site consultation
  • Data Collection and analysis
  • Surveying and sampling
  • Analysis, interpretation and advice
  • Flora and fauna assessments
  • Aquatic monitoring (Sharks, Dugongs, turtles etc)
  • Gas detection and mapping (Landfill)
  • Animal/mammal counts / tracking
  • Progress reporting (Algae mats, erosion, mammal counts etc)
  • Ecological assessment reports
  • Weather event damage assessments
  • Identification/control of pests/ disease/ weed
  • Vegetation, drainage, water level monitoring
  • Vegetation health
  • Research
  • Control Survey prior to development
  • Offset area assessments
  • Vegetation Management Plans, Fauna Management Plans, Threatened
  • Weed detection (Noxious weed mapping)
  • River/estuary/sediment mapping and modelling
  • Species Management Plans. Weed and Pest Management Plans
  • Wetland re-vegetation audits
  • Bushfire hazard assessments and management plan
  • Feasibility and impact reporting