Scout provides Environmental compliance mapping for some of Australia’s leading Oil and gas companies. Erosion levels, weed detection (Siam, box weed etc.) mammal counts (Dolphins, humpback whales, dugongs etc.) as well turtle nesting, algal mat and mangrove health assessment and monitoring.


CLIENT: Oil & Gas company

LOCATION: Western Australia

SERVICES: Aerial Surveying for erosion level assessment, beach wrack assessment, weed detection

PROJECT SUMMARY:  We supply ongoing environmental assessment mapping for this Oil and Gas client. Our main focus points are erosion levels, beach wrack (dead weed) and noxious weed detection along this particular coastline.


We provide the client with detailed reports on the level of erosion as well as the auto-detection of noxious weeds (such as siam weed) along the coast. As a secondary deliverable, we are able to generate 3D models and assess the amount of beach wrack (dead weed) washed up on the shore. This allows the environmental team to monitor the wrack movement and develop trends over time.

Aerial image showing weeds
NIR imagery
Volumetric image
Digital Surface Model (DSM)
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